Advice from other kids

Two girls talking outside

Other kids who have a mum or dad with a mental illness want you to know…

Two girls talking outside

You’re not alone. Lots of kids live with a parent who has a mental illness.

  • ‘Sometimes it feels like you are making it worse, but it’s not your fault.’
  • ‘Staying closed up never helps.’
  • ‘It’s good to talk to someone you trust.’
  • ‘Things will get easier.’
  • ‘You don’t have to be perfect – you can show it when you’re struggling.’
  • ‘It’s normal to feel confused about how to help.’
  • ‘Don’t blame yourself.’
  • ‘Looking after yourself actually helps your parents.’
  • ‘Focus on the good things.’
  • ‘There is lots of help out there. There just ask for it.’
  • ‘Remember you’re no different to anyone else – you just have a parent with a mental illness.’

If you want more in-depth info go to the Teens & young people section. 

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