Evaluating booklets


Are you a parent with a mental illness?
Can you help COPMI evaluate new resources for families?

We’re looking for volunteers who: 

  • have one or more dependent children
  • have recently or are currently receiving treatment for a mental illness
  • have access to a mental health clinician
  • agree to complete a series of questionnaires before and after reading draft booklets designed for parents and teenagers.


COPMI has developed two booklets to be shared by health professionals providing support to families where a parent has a mental illness. A team of researchers at Monash University will be evaluating them via feedback by people with lived experience of mental illness. Your feedback could provide valuable guidance for us to change the booklets for future families who will use them. 

What’s involved?

If you choose to participate you will:

  • Be sent draft copies of the Parent’s booklet to read.
  • Complete two questionnaires to fill out before and after reading.
  • Be interviewed on your thoughts (you will be offered a $50 voucher as reimbursement for an interview).

If you have a child aged 12 to 18 years you will:

  • Be sent a Teen’s booklet (designed for 12 to 18 year olds) to review.
  • Choose whether to share the booklet with your child.
  • Choose whether to invite your child to complete their own evaluation questionnaires or invite them to participate in an interview (your child will be offered a $20 voucher as reimbursement for an interview).

How long will it take?

It is estimated that you will need approximately 45 minutes to complete the questionnaires and read the booklet/s. Afterwards, you will be invited to participate in an optional interview (which is estimated to take 30 minutes) for which you will be reimbursed with a $50 gift voucher.

Want more information?

For more information or to indicate your interest in involvement please contact Vicki Cooper via email on: vlcoo1@student.monash.edu


This project has been approved by the Monash University Human Ethics Committee (project number CF11/25412 – 2011001491). All information reported will be de-identified; at no times will names or identifying information be reported.