Community involvement

Girls smiling, standing in sports gear with ball

Girls smiling, standing in sports gear with ball

Helping your child to participate and experience success at school, in leisure pursuits, in social and cultural activities are powerful ways to strengthen their resilience.

Supporting social skills

This helps them to make friends, develop their confidence and social skills and to have a network of people that can support them in times of stress.

Some helpful things you can do to support their participation out in the community include the below.

  • Support your child to perform well at childcare/pre-school/school by encouraging healthy routines (e.g. getting adequate sleep, eating good food for energy and concentration) and getting them involved in different groups.
  • Find some safe and free or inexpensive activities to do in the local area that get your child out and about amongst others (e.g. playgrounds, parks, library activities, clubs and other community groups) and to help them mix with others.
  • Consider ways to keep your child involved in activities when you’re unwell (e.g. who else could help get your children to activities if you can’t)?
  • Think about talking to your child’s school or childcare about things that might affect how they’re doing at school and ways the school can support them and their activities.

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