eNews January 2014

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New-look eLearning courses

Check out COPMI’s new-look eLearning course interface. It has been revised to make it easier to navigate and features easier assessment processes and other enhancements.

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Booklets review – can you help?

If you’re a parent who experiences a mental illness and has dependent children, you could help COPMI by volunteering your time to review new booklets. 

The booklets will be shared by health professionals who are providing support to families where a parent has a mental illness. A team of researchers at the Monash University will be evaluating the resources via feedback provided by people with lived experience of mental illness.

Your feedback could provide valuable guidance for COPMI to change the booklets to benefit families who will use them in the future.

Are you interested? Contact the COPMI national initiative on copmi@copmi.net.au



New evidence-based research summary

COPMI recently released a new GEMS (Gateways to Evidence that MatterS) summary- on Children of parents with a diagnosis of borderline personality disorder.

GEMS papers provide short, concise research summaries for those working with families affected by parental mental illness. They are designed to guide and direct workers and to highlight current research and practice gaps.

We encourage you to share the new GEMS with your colleagues. You could also perhaps consider submitting your own research summary? View contributor guidelines for GEMS



Stories of lived experience

COPMI is keen to add more stories of lived experience to the website by parents, their children and carers. We would also like to expand the format of stories by including video and audio.

We want to focus on ensuring the stories shared reflect the diversity of experience of parenting with mental illness. So, for example, we’re seeking out stories that ‘fill the gaps’ where we don’t have many stories about particular illnesses.

Can you share your story?

There are lots of ways to capture your experience:

  • write your story yourself
  • write the key messages of your story – then we can write it for you and return it to you for review
  • talk with Fiona, our Lived Experience Coordinator, by phone or meet in person to record your story in audio or video
  • create a picture format with photos or drawings or other media.

You can tell as much or as little as you like, and you don’t need to use any identifying details in your story if you prefer not to.

To discuss your contribution, contact Fiona, COPMI’s Lived Experience Coordinator via email (telford-sharpf@copmi.net.au) or phone on (08) 8367 0888, extension 29.



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