eNews July 2013

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Thank you for your feedback…

Thank you to everyone who participated in COPMI’s recent rural and regional pathways survey.

The responses provided excellent insight into effective methods we could employ to reach families who live outside of Australia’s ‘big cities’.  Results are now being analysed and will be used to inform our overall project plan.

Thank you also to those who said that they would like to be part of the project. A COPMI representative will be in touch with you in due course about how you might be able to be involved.


Under 16s: Win a bike with COPMI!

Thanks to the kind support of TIGI Australia and the team at Cell Bikes, COPMI is running a competition for children to win a brand new bike.

The competition is open to people aged 7 to 16 years, who live in mainland Australia or Tasmania and who have a parent who experiences, or has experienced, mental illness.

We’re asking young people to send us a photo of what they like to do to take time out from home stuff and relax. This could be anything from kicking a football, to watching a TV show, to Irish dancing!

>View full entry instructions and competition terms here.


Supporting infants and toddlers – new eLearning course

The COPMI team is currently developing a new eLearning module which will be part of the existing ‘Keeping Families and Children in Mind’ course. The module, titled ‘Supporting infants and toddlers of parents with a mental illness’, will be targeted to adult mental health workers supporting these parents. 

For adult mental health workers, raising the topic of an individual’s children, and being aware of their parenting role hasn’t been common practice. This course aims to highlight the importance of identifying parenting status and appropriate support for clients who are parents with dependent children.

Symptoms of mental illness and the adverse effects of medications can affect the quality of attachment between parent and child. Recent evidence demonstrates that intervening early in a child’s life (when parental mental illness can have the greatest impact) helps to improve the outcomes for these children.

Program topics include:

  • child development
  • attachment theory
  • the impact of parental mental illness on infants and toddlers
  • supporting families and available interventions
  • child protection issues and supervision.

The program also provides expert advice from professionals and valuable insight from parents about what it is like to parent when you have a mental illness.  

The course will be reviewed by consultation groups shortly, and filming and production will commence in September. We then expect the course to be completed by the end of the year.

Free resources and delivery within Australia

COPMI have developed materials specifically for parents with mental illness, their children, families and supporters. These can be downloaded online, or ordered as paper copies and delivered to your address for free (in Australia only).

Professionals, can also order unlimited copies free of charge, to provide to clients, stock waiting rooms, or to support operations (such as the checklists below).


Available resources include:

  • Free DVD for parents with depression/anxiety – on building child and family resilience.
  • Various booklets – for parents living with mental illness, their partners and families.
  • Fact sheets for Dads – on how to parent better when you or your partner have a mental illness.
  • Fact sheets on talking about mental illness with your children – for different age groups.
  • Care plan templates – for ‘Baby’, ‘Kids & Young People’ and ‘Family’ situations.
  • Checklists – for inpatient and community mental health services.

>View COPMI materials available and download pdf versions

>View translated fact sheets and booklets – in 7 languages

>Order your paper copy materials here

>Archived emails here