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Information for dads

There’s a widespread belief that antenatal and postnatal depression (PND) are experienced only by women. However, research shows that PND affects 3-10% of men too – and many of them are reluctant to seek help.

Awareness that men also experience PND, and understanding of the emotional, social and financial impact on families, colleagues and workplaces still has a long way to go, according to Belinda Horton (CEO of the Post and Antenatal Depression Association – PANDA).

It is just as critical that men are recognised and treated early, to avoid the longer term effects on dads’ mental health and their relationships with family and friends.

Important dads information online

To help support dads who are experiencing mental health problems (or have a partner experiencing mental health problems), the COPMI website features a section for dads that offers videos, fact sheets and information about how to parent well when you (or your partner) are unwell.

Here’s what you’ll find:

Please share this information with anyone you think could benefit, including mums who could share the information with their partners.

The suggestions, information and advice in the dads section was developed under the guidance of dads and their family members who have a lived experience of mental illness and whom COPMI would like to acknowledge and thank.


Free training for professionals 

The COPMI national initiative has worked hard to provide free online training to workers in a range of health settings, to help them to respond to the needs of children and families living with parental mental illness.

The myriad of information resources on our website are complemented by these award-winning training courses which have been developed under the guidance of people who share a lived experience of parental mental illness, and of leading researchers and service providers in the mental health field.

COPMI is keen to increase health professionals’ awareness of the following:

Current courses:

  • Keeping Families & Children in Mind‘ – provides training in fostering a ‘family sensitive approach’ to working with families where there is parental mental illness.
  • ‘Family Focus’ – trains mental health professionals working with parents with depression and/or anxiety to promote resilience in their children and the family unit.

New courses coming soon:

  • ‘Child Aware Supervision’ (due May 2013) – trains the supervisors of frontline workers to promote child and family-sensitive practice in a range of organisations.
  • ‘Let’s Talk’ (due 2014) – trains workers (and managers) to provide a structured discussion with parents experiencing mental illness about their children and their needs.

Why train online?

  • It’s FREE
  • It’s convenient; available 24/7 online
  • Courses are evidence-based
  • Interactivity makes learning easier
  • Professional endorsement enables CPD (Continuing Professional Development) point recognition

If you are a professional working in health or an allied health area, COPMI would appreciate you sharing these opportunities with your colleagues.

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Parenting whilst hearing voices…

A mother has shared her experience of hearing voices. Mandy’s story is a courageous and inspiring one, and COPMI would like to thank Mandy for sharing it with others.

For further information regarding the ‘hearing voices’ approach go to the links at the bottom of the story page.


Order your free booklets

COPMI has hundreds of copies of the ‘Piecing the Puzzle Together’ booklet to give away!

This booklet is for people living with a mental health problem whose children are aged between 2 and 7 years. It contains helpful ideas about being the best parent you can when you’re not as well as you’d like to be, and ways to support your child’s development during their special early years.

The booklet also features useful tips for partners, family and friends, and was produced in consultation with people who have a lived experience of parental mental illness, and also workers, academics and policy makers.

Please order as many copies as you can – for your waiting room, clinic, or to provide to your family or friends. We want to move as many as possible – and postage is FREE anywhere in Australia!

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