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Professionals – we need your help!

The COPMI team has been working hard to preparing several new resources for professionals who work with families and parents who have a mental illness.

Now we’re ready to test the resources (with support from Monash University) and are looking for interested professionals to volunteer to trial them online and to provide feedback.

Are you interested in trialling our new resources

Please click on the link below to find out more about the three projects we currently need to be reviewed, the process and time requirement. You can express your interest to participate on this page.

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We would be delighted if you could forward this information on to your professional networks and others who may have an interest.

Thank you for your help!


Free Dad’s Packs – plus free delivery


We’re sorry – we have run out of these packs. View other resources you can download or order here.


COPMI has an exclusive pack of Dad’s information that is available only via this newsletter. We have one hundred Dad’s Packs that are available at no cost, that we will also deliver to you free of charge.

Each Dad’s pack includes:

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grandparents with children

Grandparents caring for grandchildren

Sunday the 27th of October is Grandparents Day in Australia. It acknowledges the vital role that grandparents play in our society, both as custodians of individual and cultural memories and as providers of care, love and guidance to their children and grandchildren. Grandparents Day recognises the irreplaceable role grandparents have in their families and in the wider community.

For parents who become unwell with mental illness grandparents often step in to help care for their grandkids, or even become full time parents for the second time around. So it’s a terrific day to recognise and celebrate their contribution in these families.

For grandparents who are caring for children when their parent is mentally unwell, this information may be helpful for you:

If you’re a professional, this is the perfect time to stop and think about grandparent carers too. The report ‘Grandparents raising grandchildren: Towards recognition, respect and reward’ presents findings from the research project ‘Grandparents as Primary Carers of their Grandchildren: A National, State and Territory Analysis’. The research was conducted by the Social Policy Research Centre at the University of New South Wales.  

So let’s all take some time this Sunday to stop and say thank you and remember the special moments you have had with your older loved ones, and the ways that they have enhanced your life. It’s a great way to bring the whole family together and celebrate the invaluable role grandparents play in our community.



COPMI National Reference Group

The annual face-to-face meeting of the COPMI National Reference Group 2012-2014 was held on the 21st of October in Adelaide. This group consists of members from professional associations, mental health organisations and representatives from the COPMI National Lived Experience Forum.

The meeting provided an opportunity for COPMI to receive advice from the Reference Group members on the progress being made in relation to COPMIā€™s current activities and comments regarding the future plans of the initiative.

COPMI would like to thank all members of the Reference Goup for their ongoing contributions to the initiative and for their valuable input and ideas.

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