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New evidence-based research summary

‘The role of fathers when a parent has a mental illness’

COPMI has just published the latest ‘GEMS’ (Gateway to Evidence that MatterS) publication – a short, two-page summary of evidence-based research for professionals.

This GEMS is about the important role of fathers in the family, when they or their partner experience mental illness. It also highlights ways in which services can engage dads, to the benefit of their children.

Other GEMS research summaries can be accessed from this page of the COPMI website.  

Mental health and COPMI services in Western Australia

For WA families and professionals

If you are living in Western Australia and you or your partner experience mental illness, you will probably be interested in ways that you can get help – for yourself, your childen and/or the family unit.

This month, we share an information page that highlights help services, mental health education available to families, and where you can go (or who to call) to get help when you’re a family with a parent who experiences a mental illness.

The COPMI national initiative would like to thank Arafmi WA for providing this information, that will benefit families and professionals. 

 Broken brain, broken hearts…

‘Broken brain, broken hearts, shattered dreams, false starts – how to grow up solid when everything is broken.’

A COPMI lived experience representative, Kerry Hawkins, has recently published a courageous narrative about her and her family’s experience of mental illness. The Australian College of Mental Health Nurses has published it in their Spring News Magazine: Download and locate the article on page 16 and 17.

Kerry’s story is important to read, for professionals and families alike. It describes the profound impact of parental mental illness on the whole family, the despair of trying to find help in a system that was unable to provide it and the strength, courage and perseverance needed from all family members to work towards recovery.

We thank Kerry for taking the time to share her story so that others may benefit from her family’s experience. It’s a very powerful story that you will not forget.   

Presenting to organisations about COPMI

Over the coming months, the COPMI national initiative will be developing presentation materials that will help people to educate services and professionals about COPMI issues and resources. These materials will be designed specifically by and for people who have a lived experience of a parent’s mental illness.

A strong motivator for these people to present to organisations is the opportunity to use their experiences to make the path easier for future families who are struggling with mental illness and it’s many and varied impacts on the whole family.

Benefits for professionals

For professionals, it’s hoped that the presentations will be thoroughly engaging. Lived experience narratives can be extremely powerful and illustrate clearly where services have done things well, and how they may be able to improve.

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