Maintaining routines

Mother tucks child into bed

Mother tucks child into bedA predictable daily routine and things that are familiar can help to give your child a sense of security.

When you are feeling unwell or there are changes in the family, it can be comforting for children to have some of their regular routines continue as normal.

Where you can, maintain simple daily rituals (that help you connect with your child), such as reading a story each night or tucking them into bed. If this is too much for you, it can help to get someone else (such as your partner or another trusted adult in your child’s life) to do this for you.

It can be helpful for you to think about the following:

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  • What does your child’s regular routine look like on weekdays and weekends?
  • What are some of the important activities in your child’s life?
  • How can routines be maintained when things get tough?
  • Who else can help to keep routines stable?
  • How can you ask for help?

You can also think about your child’s support network:

  • Are there people that could be helpful in maintaining routines?
  • How might you go about inviting them to help?
  • What information would they need to know?

More information about family routines on the Raising Children Network’s website.

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