Resources for parents living with mental illness and their children


These resources have been developed in conjunction with professionals, parents and families who have a lived experience of mental illness 

Hard copy booklets can be ordered for free (with free delivery within Australia).



PDF booklets, DVD, worksheets

How can I help my child? (booklet) 

  • This reflective guide helps parents to think about their mental illness and symptoms, including the impact on their parenting and on the family. It offers practical tips on how to reduce vulnerabilities and build child and family resilience.

Your child’s support networks (worksheet)  

The Family Focus DVD – for parents with depression/anxiety (DVD)  

The best for me and my baby (booklet)  

  • For Tips and information (and their partners) who are thinking about having a baby, are new parents or are about to have a baby.

Family talk (booklet)  

  • Tips and information for parents with mental health problems, their children, other family members and support people about discussing things as a family and planning ahead for tough times.

Piecing the puzzle together (booklet)  

Talking about mental illness (fact sheets)  

Website content

Information for parents to reflect on parenting with a mental illness, and practical information about how they can help their children and family to build strength and resilience.

Resources for your children/teenagers

Children and young people’s website

About mental illness videos

  • These short, engaging video clips help young people to understand a parent’s mental illness and how symptoms can affect their behaviour, including what it means to get ‘better’.

When your parent has a mental illness (booklet)

  • A booklet for 12 to 15 year olds who have a parent with a mental illness. It helps young people to better understand their parent’s mental illness, answering common questions that they have. 


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