Parents & Families

Mental illness affects the whole family.  When supporting a parent with a mental illness it’s important to remember how it impacts not only on individuals, but on their children and the family unit.

The information below provides practical information and advice for parents, including Mums and Dads, as well as family and friends who may be carers or supporters of a parent who has a mental illness.

The information is designed to help individuals, carers and supports to help the individual, and also ensure better outcomes for children and the family unit.


Parents with family


Learn about living and managing with mental illness, how to discuss it with your children and developing a Care Plan for when you’re unwell.  You’ll also find information for those concerned about their children’s mental health, plus detail on dealing with and supporting a partner with a mental illness.



Mum and baby


Information here covers things to consider if you’re contemplating having a baby, what to do during pregnancy,  plus how to manage with a new baby, and discuss your mental illness with your children.



Dad and daughter


Practical information for Dads includes advice from other Dads who have mental illness (or partners who do) – and videos that share their experiences and techniques they’ve developed to build better relationships with their children. Includings information on looking after yourself, finding support, managing with a mental illness, and working with your partner to support your child’s wellbeing.



Family and friends

Family & Friends

For those caring for or wanting to support a parent with a mental illness, this section offers information on warning signs and symptoms, getting help, and how to support and talk to children in the family unit. It includes advice on how to cope and be the best support you can, plus personal stories and advice from those with experience in your situation.