Your support networks

Two women and child

Two women and child

It is important that your ‘village’ of support networks is strong

The quote ‘It takes a village to raise a child’ is referred to a lot in parenting resources.

The reason for this is the widespread understanding that parenting can be hard and that close relationships and networks (our village) play an important role in nurturing children – and nurturing parents to raise children.

Think about your networks

Any time is a good time to do a health check of your ‘village’ and how you can strengthen it for you and your children. Some questions to ask yourself include:

  • Who can I share the joys of my parenting with?
  • Who can I go to when I need practical support to manage the everyday tasks of parenting?
  • Who can I trust to seek advice from regarding my child and my parenting role?
  • Who can I go to for support when I am exhausted, sad, not coping or grieving?
  • Who can I trust to look after my child if I become too unwell (physically or emotionally)?

You might also like to consider using the ‘My child’s support network’ guide to think about your child’s connections, and ways you could strengthen these to support the entire family. (Download copies of the worksheets if you have more than one child).

When your village isn’t as strong as it needs to be

As a parent with a mental illness, you may already have a strong village of networks to support you and your children. For other parents the reality is that their own village isn’t as strong as they need it to be – or that the other members of their village are also overwhelmed or unable to provide support at times.

Mum with baby, looking alone and forlornIf you feel isolated, you may need help to strengthen the networks that support you and your child. A good place to start may be to talk with your mental health professional. Alternatively, there are a range of programs and services that can help, including:

  • Personal Helpers and Mentors – Help people affected by mental illness to achieve personal goals, manage everyday tasks, relationships and more.
  • Mi Networks – Connect you to local information and services that suit your needs, anywhere in Australia.
  • Online forums – SANE’s online forums provide a place where people can share their experiences of mental illness and connect with others in similar situations.
  • The services and supports listed on the Raising Children Network website – Provide comprehensive information about different types of supports, including links to local services in each state of Australia.
  • The community services directory – Is the Australian Government’s directory of services in each state of Australia, covering different community needs.

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